Mawanak, LTD. co

Mawanak is among the leading companies in Egypt for importing and manufacturing Chemicals,  adhesives, silicones, assembly foams, and sealants for the building and construction industries, furniture, car care products, tapes and spray paints to meet most of our customer’s needs through a single point through our range of imported and Locally manufactured products.

We are the exclusive agents in Egypt for the best silicone and adhesive companies in the world
We closely follow international developments in the field of silicones and adhesives and have more than 20 years of experience in this field to achieve a competitive advantage for our company, and meet the needs of our customers in the fastest time, lowest reasonable cost, and best quality.

Extraordinary Experiences

As it says, Normal is boring…..

The company’s current position in the Egyptian local market is the result of several years of work and effective performance, which has always combined highest quality and productivity.

Our Core Values

One of our most core values we have in our team, Nothing but the best or go without. Our quality control engineers are always seeking the best quality ever.