Origins : Taiwan
Other Uses : Industry of agricultural pesticides
Weight : 180 KG


Xylene is an organic chemical compound which is also called dimethyl benzene or xylol. It is one of the three isomers of the compound dimethylbenzene. It consists of a central benzene ring which is attached with two methyl groups as substituents. In the year 1850, xylene was first isolated by a French chemist named Auguste Cahors. Xylene is a colourless, clear, and flammable liquid which is produced by the catalytic reforming as well as by the coal carbonisation. It also occurs naturally in crude oil, gasoline, aircraft fuels. The mixture of xylene is a bit greasy and has a sweet smell, which is generally encountered as a solvent.

Xylene Uses

  1. Xylene is used in the form of a raw material in the manufacturing of fibres, films, and dyes.

  2. It is used in the laboratories for cooling the reaction vessels.

  3. It is used in the form of a clearing agent.

  4. It is used to make the thick varnishes and paints thinner.


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