A108 Paint Remover

An aerosol stripper which removes paint from most types of surfaces. The convenient aerosol can be easily sprayed to hard to-reach areas and does not drip or run.



  •  Aggressively strips even the toughest paints
  •  Convenient spray is easy to use
  •  Ease of use saves time
  •  No wastage due to accurate spray
  •  Spray gets into hard-to-reach areas
  •  Clings well to vertical surfaces
  •  Thick formula clings to extend contact time
  •  Easy cleanup
Application Areas

  •  Any metallic surface with mild to heavy paint remains.
  •  Removes acrylics, epoxies, lacquers, adhesives, and most other automotive finishes.
  •  Light industrial environments
  •  Should not be used on fiberglass, plastics, styrene-related plastics, vinyl, or linoleum.


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