Butyl Glycol

Origins : KSA
Other Uses : printing and packaging
Weight :180 KG


As a low-volatility solvent, Butylglycol can be used to extend the drying time of coatings and improves their flow. It is especially recommended for paints for brush-application based on cellulose nitrate, chlorinated binders or cellulose ethers, because when it is applied to dry coatings, it only softens
them very slowly.
Small proportions of Butylglycol improve the brushability of, for example, alkyd resin paints and reduce their viscosity. It is also an extremely efficient flow improver for urea, melamine or phenolic stoving finishes.
Butylglycol has proved to be the most effective of a large number of organic solvents tested in a very wide range of aqueous coating systems. In particular,
it improves the properties of the paint by reducing the viscosity peak when oxidatively and physically drying water-based paints, including those for stoveenamelling, are diluted with water.
As a coalescing aid, Butylglycol can significantly lower the minimum filmforming temperature (MFFT) and improve flow in many physically drying paint systems.
Butylglycol improves the evaporation behaviour of the volatile constituents (e. g. in water-based stoving enamels) during hot-air or infrared drying.
Further information on the use of Butylglycol in aqueous coating systems can be found in our Technical Information Sheet “Butylglycol in water-based coating systems” (TI-CIW/ES 016 e).
Further applications of Butylglycol are as follows:
Solvent in printing inks for leather dyes, etc.
Component in surface cleaners, e. g. to degrease metal surfaces.
Component in hydraulic fluids.
Component in drilling and cutting oils (strong solvent).
Starting material in the production of butyl glycol acetate which is also an excellent solvent.
Starting material in the production of plasticizers, e. g. by reaction with phthalic anhydride.


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