Caustic Soda Flakes 99%

Origins : Turkey-China
Other Uses : Detergents – Dyeing – Cosmetics – Medicines
Weight : 25 KG


Caustic soda flakes are white granules or powder which quickly dissolve in water to give a robust alkaline solution. It is very corrosive and can cause severe burns, eye damage or blindness if it comes into contact with skin or eyes. They are heavier than water, so they will sink to the bottom of storage containers, making them ideal for use in drains and sewers where they can break down fats, oils and greases. They are also good at breaking apart oil-based solids into small pieces that go further downstream.

Caustic Soda Flakes Usage

1. Pretreatment of cement and gypsum for recycling to remove contaminants such as sulphur and phosphogypsum, which interfere with making new cement from slag or fly ash, respectively.

2. Production of household bleach products.

3. Production of biodiesel by transesterification, a chemical reaction is converting esters to their corresponding alcohols, in the case of biodiesel usually converting vegetable oil or animal fats.

4. Production of methamphetamine using either the Birch or Nazi methods. The Birch method is hazardous because it uses a precarious solution composed of concentrated sulfuric acid and red phosphorus mixed with ammonium chloride, methylamine, and an organic solvent such as acetone. The Nazi method uses anhydrous liquid ammonia and methylamine, which is highly explosive due to its auto-decomposition into hydrogen and nitrogen.

Sodium hydroxide is used in many applications where it is desirable to increase the alkalinity of a mixture or solution without raising its temperature. It can be used to digest tissues, as a general reagent, in metal cleaning and stripping solutions, corrosion inhibitors etc.

Caustic soda flakes are an extremely corrosive material that is hazardous to your health if not handled correctly. Always wear protective clothing when using caustic soda flakes or any other chemical, and read the instructions on the label before use. If you can’t handle caustic soda safely, don’t bother buying.


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