PA550 PVC Membrane Press Adhesive (PU Dispersion Based)

Akfix PA 550 is a new generation adhesive for fixing PVC, PP, PET, and ABS onto especially MDF by the vacuum or membrane press process for the manufacture of high gloss furniture in the kitchen, bathroom, or wardrobe shutters and doors.  Membrane Press Adhesives are can be used together with Akfix hardeners creating a cross-linked film with high adhesion properties and very good heat and water resistance.



  • Easy to apply, has a low viscosity.
  • Quick drying.
  • Water-resistant
  • Synthetic and natural materials, excellent bonding.
  • Low and high temperatures do not lose strength.
  • Moisture and chemical resistant.
  • Heat-sensitive film with high adhesion for the low activation temperature.
  • Not harm the environment and human health.
Application Areas

  • Permanent adhesion for durable fixation.
  • Excellent heat resistance to prevent delaminating in hot conditions
  • Outstanding bonding properties on most synthetic and natural materials
  • Enabling you to get a perfect and smooth surface for high gloss finishes
  • High initial bond strength and low activation temperature for heat-sensitive films


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