Phosphoric acid (Food Grade)

Origins : China
Other Uses : Fertilizers – Agricultural Chemicals
Weight : 30 KG


Phosphoric acid also called orthophosphoric acid is a weak acid with the chemical formulation H3PO4. Orthophosphoric acid is referred to as phosphoric acid, which is the IUPAC term for this compound. The prefix ortho- is used to differentiate the acid from linked phosphoric acids, known as polyphosphoric acids. Orthophosphoric acid is a non-toxic acid in nature, which, when pure, is a solid at room temperature and pressure. The conjugate base of phosphoric acid is the dihydrogen phosphate ion, H2PO-4, which in turn contain a conjugate base of hydrogen phosphate, HPO2-4, which also contain a conjugate base of phosphate, PO3-4. Phosphates are vital for life.

Applications of Phosphoric Acid include

  • In anti-rust action by phosphate conversion coating

  • As an outside typical for phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance NMR.

  • In phosphoric acid energy cells.

  • Inactivated carbon manufacture.

  • In compound semiconductor treating, etch Indium gallium arsenide selectively with detail to indium phosphide.

  • In microfabrication to etch silicon nitride selectively with detail to silicon dioxide.

  • As a pH adjuster in cosmetics and skin-care goods.

  • As a sanitizing agent in dairy, food, and brewing productions


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